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We accept physical and electronic gift cards for hundreds of popular brands.

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Enter the balance on your card for an instant payout offer, then click ``Accept Offer`` and complete ``Step 1`` by filling out the form and submitting.

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Once you and your gift card(s) are verified and you complete ``Step 2`` by paying a $1 refundable fee. Once completed we will process and send you your cash!




1.Search for your gift card(s) and Accept your offer

We accept gift cards from over 650 well-known stores. Accept a cash amount offer.

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We will only accept gift card(s) with a minimum of $20 balance

*To prevent fraud, we need you to verify some information for us. Please have the following items ready so you can fill out and upload in order to receive your cash:

Gift Card(s) and Driver’s license or valid state-issued ID

After any festival or any party you must be left with many gift cards. A few of them are from your favorite brands, but there are few you might never use. Sad!!! What to do now?

Do not worry as Cash 4 Gift Cards America is here for your rescue. We have started this new chain wherein we will accept your gift cards and pay you the amount equivalent to the amount available in the gift card. Isn’t that a great news for you? So, what are you waiting for? Rush and collect all the gift cards and add those cards to your account, we will soon verify and transfer the amount at the earliest.

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