July 2, 2021 | By Admin

3 Major Tips to Make a Smooth Sale of Your Gift Card

gift card exchange for money

If you have a gift card that is no longer useful to you and you are rather optimistic to sell it for some cash, make sure you Buy eGift Cards Online. Then you can go along with its sale through a well-known gift-card-exchange site that has a name for making convenient cash transactions.

Got a gift card you wish to sell?

There are many websites that will give you anywhere from 65 to 92% of your gift card’s value, depending on its usability and balance amount. But to make sure you get the appropriate value of your card paid instantly, you have to find out a site that is accomplished and trustworthy. Once you upload your gift card there and enter your balance, choose the payment option such as PayPal or another and then send in your verification ID. You can mail the plastic card or submit the code electronically. These 3 tips will help you decide if the site is reliable or not.

1) Get to know the cash back offer

Gift cards that are highest in demand and easiest to use (such as McDonald’s or Walmart) will fetch the most money from an online portal. Popular and famous American shops frequently sell for approximately 90 percent of face value because these stores are widely accessible. A movie gift card, on the other hand, that can only be redeemed for a movie ticket or concessions will probably fetch closer to 75 percent. Good sites may be willing to offer higher cash back values to increase their availability of discount gift cards.

2) Check for multiple payment options

Exchange sites typically distribute payment with a check in the mail, a deposit to your PayPal account or other mentioned accounts. Look for variations in the offer based on the method you choose. For example, a reseller may deduct a little bit off the payout if you select PayPal or offer a bonus if you opt for another preferred  card in lieu of cash. Check the fine print to get your money promptly delivered.

3) Look for a site with efficient customer service

To avoid problems and ensure satisfaction with the resale process, pick an acknowledged site that offers sufficient sale price along with an effective and easily reachable customer service. A reputable exchange site will offer this. Selling a gift card to an individual may put you in the risk of being scammed out of your gift card entirely with no option to clear the mess. So, a certified site is always a smooth and convenient option to make a gift card sale.

Thus, progress with your motivation to get cash for gift cards by choosing a well-established exchange site that can be relied upon.