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3 Questions You Might Have About Flipping Gift Cards

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A few weeks back, we published Flipping Gift Cards: A Simple (And Kickass) Guide. The response has been great.

However, there were a few recurrent questions that a lot of people asked. In specific, there are three common questions that this post will address.

If you’re planning to flip gift cards and make money, here are three questions that you might have.


1. Can I make enough money?


No and yes.

If you’re selling one or a few gift cards, you sure will not make enough money.

However, if you’re doing this in a large quantity, you can accrue a large profit over a period.

Meaning, the more gift cards you sell, the higher will be the collective profit.

Scale is the key. You want to sell more gift cards – and then more.

Of course, this requires you to buy more gift cards in the first place. So, the whole process isn’t “extremely simple”. It does demand some hard work.

But if you’re ready to chip in the hours, you can make more than “enough” from flipping gift cards.


2. Is this sustainable and can be turned full-time?


Gift cards are helping retail stores make a lot of money. The model has emerged to be quite a success for them.

In the coming years, gift cards will remain relevant.

So, selling gift cards is sustainable.

However, it’s sustainable only as a hobby or a side-gig. You can’t really turn this into a full-time job; it’s theoretically possible but very difficult.

Flipping gift cards is much like any part-time gig. It will make you money – but not enough that you base your (and your family’s) entire life on it. That said though, we’re sure there are people who flip gift cards full-time.


3. How can I find a trusted website to get cash for gift cards?


It takes some research work.

Instead of blindly believing the first site you come across on Google, you want to take your time to find a good platform.

This requires you to go to individual sites, go through their process, read the terms, analyze how trusted they are, and whether or not they accept gift card of the store that you have.

Of course, focusing on their payout offers if the foremost priority. Whichever website is offering you good cash for gift cards online, they should be at the top of the list.

Considering various little factors and keeping your eyes open will help you find a trusted website that offers cash for gift cards.




These are three questions about flipping gift cards that we have received from a lot of people.

Now you know, start buying and selling gift cards.

Find a reliable website and get cash for gift cards online.

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