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3 Side Income Gigs That Can Make You More Money Than You Think

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Admittedly, there are countless side income gigs out there. While they all do work, they aren’t necessarily for everyone. Some are more tedious, others bring better money; there are many dynamics.

So, picking the “right” side gig is the key, which is also a big challenge.

If you’re looking for some extra income, there’s a good chance that you have read countless articles around this subject. The same quest even brought you here.

Now, this isn’t an exhaustive list.

This is just supposed to be an eye-opener – that there are gigs that are good, easy, and can make you more money than you expect. These are also the ones that easily escape the attention in the crowd of cliché advice like “start freelancing”.

Here are 3 side income gigs that can make you more money than you think:

  1. Podcasting

Podcasting has skyrocketed to newer heights in recent times. The good news is that the market hasn’t yet saturated. So, there are enough opportunities even for new entrants.

Moreover, the cost of entry is very cheap to almost none.

You just need to have a good microphone and pay for the hosting.

You can start a podcast on any topic that interests you – on things you love talking about. If you can establish yourself in the niche, you can easily get many sponsors and advertisers ready to pay you big.

Podcasting is only going to get bigger from here. Just spending a couple of hours every day in brainstorming ideas, recording, and marketing your podcast can return you with a lot of money in the long run.

  1. Consulting

You don’t have to be an “expert” or have a high qualification to be a consultant.

If you have a job, you’re already doing the same thing over and again every day. You have rich, hands-on experience in that niche. You can offer that knowledge to people who are willing to provide money for it.

Create a website and social media profiles. And position yourself as a consultant in the area that you have experience in.

Look at other consultants in your niche – how much are they charging, how they are getting clients, how they are growing this business.

Consultation is one of the easiest business ideas. You help people with the knowledge that you already possess. And if you could be really useful to the clients, they wouldn’t mind paying you big money.

  1. Gift Cards Flipping

In recent times, more people are Googling “cash for gift cards online”. There’s a reason why!

#FlippingLife is real now. And gift cards are the new sub-niche that’s getting popular.

The model is very simple. You collect (and buy) gift cards from different sources and sell them at the highest possible price.

These days, you will find a handful of websites where you can get cash for gift cards. These websites are offering good value for the vouchers. They accept gift cards from many different stores. Plus, the transfer of money is very quick.

So, if you have gift cards lying around at your home, sell them. Also, collect gift cards from your friends and family members.

Go online and find people who are willing to sell their gift cards. Buy low and sell high.

We have covered this topic in-depth in a different post. Please check out: Flipping Gift Cards – A Simple (And Kickass) Guide

If done right, this can make you good money.


These are three side income gigs that can earn you more money than you think.

Millions of people are following the suit and making part-time income this way. So, why can’t you?!

Stop thinking about side income. Make it happen. In this digital world, it’s easier than ever.