May 13, 2020 | By Admin

3 Things You Must Do Immediately in After Quarantine Life

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It’s time to prepare for AQL… After Quarantine Life.

It is going to be different vs. the pre-COVID19 world but we will have to adapt to the challenges and move forward.

Of course, despite all the planning and plotting, there would still be lots of uncertainties ahead for virtually every individual.

So, foremost, it’s okay if you feel lost and confused.

But once you’ve gained back your composure and your less-anxious frame of mind, here are 3 things you must do immediately in AQL:

1. Increase your number of income sources

The world is staring at a big global recession ahead.

One of the ways to survive this is by ensuring consistent and multiple streams of income rather than just relying on your salary or business profit.

Sure, increasing the number of your income sources is easier said than done.

However, realizing this fact alone is the first step in that process.

So, know that you need more sources of income. How? Figure it out.

Buy stocks in different companies. Sell gift cards online instantly. Invest in real estate. Start a side business. Start freelancing. Start a podcast.

There are plenty of ways. Figure out your “how” and then take adequate steps to make that happen.

Remember, this will take time. So, spare enough patience and consistency.

2. Learn this important street skill

There are thousands of people out there who are making big $$$ by flipping products. They are living the #FlipLife – buying products at low prices and selling at higher price.

The framework of this business/side-gig is quite simple and straightforward.

However, flipping isn’t easy. It requires hard work. And, most importantly, it requires the right skill.

You need the right skills to find profitable deals. You need the right skills to negotiate down the asking price of the products. You need the right skills to sell the products at the highest price.

So, after your quarantine life ends, learn the key skill of flipping. This street skill will help you add another source of income, which we discussed in the previous point.

Give this article a quick read: Flipping Products for Profit – #1 (Street) Skill to Learn This Season

3. Redefine your immediate and long-term goals

Things will be different for a long time now. On the back of this pandemic and economic contraction, a lot has changed and a lot will change in the coming months.

Owing to these changes, you must change your goals as well. You must steer your direction accordingly.

For instance, if you were planning to launch an app-based business, is that now a viable option given the current scenario? OR, if you were planning to invest in rental properties, is that still a good idea with market uncertainties?

So, it’s essential to update your goals – your course of action – to sync them in with the reality of today. Redefine them now based on how things are at present.


These are three things you must do immediately after the quarantine life.

This is the time when it’s essential that we give our lifestyle a hard look and effectively accommodate the challenges of today.

This is the time to take proper measures to secure ourselves – and the family – financially.

This is the time to grow and navigate the next 10 years of our life in the right direction towards financial prosperity and independence.