Can You Transfer Gift Card Balance into Your Bank Account?

Can You Transfer Gift Card Balance into Your Bank Account?

It’s a fair question…

“Can I turn a gift card into cash?” or “How to transfer gift card balances into my bank account?”

After all, not all vouchers you receive are worth redeeming. You can do with some money instead of exchanging it for some item.

Now, earlier, there weren’t too many avenues to transfer gift cards into money, provided there existed one in the first place. However, things have changed since then – drastically in recent times. There now exist many online platforms that offer cash for gift cards. So, you can sell gift cards online instantly and have the money transfer in your bank account.

Of course, doing this successfully so you get better monetary value in return is much more than just about Googling “gift card exchange near me” or “best website to sell gift cards online”. It includes much more research work, understanding different aspects of the trade, and then making the right move.

So, the first – and perhaps the most important – task on your part is to find a good buyer or platform where you can sell your gift vouchers. Make sure they are well-reputed with a track record of actually paying the sellers. Following, ensure they take gift cards from the stores that you have.

Of course, consider how much they are paying you for the card. You won’t get the exact face value of the card; try to score the highest value.

Also, understand properly how they are going to transfer your money – and how long will it take. Ideally, they would transfer the sum in your bank account or PayPal in about an hour.

These are little things you must consider especially when you’re selling more than just one gift card. More people are now flipping gift cards and earning a considerable side income. Flipping these vouchers has its own dynamics. For once, you’ll have to work to research and find low-priced cards that you can sell at a higher price to cut sufficient profit.

We have published a range of blog posts, addressing different aspects of selling and flipping gift cards. Check them out:

Back to the original question…

Can you transfer the gift card balance into your bank account?

Yes, you can!

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