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Don’t miss out on savings opportunities because you don’t know how much is left in your gift cards. Whether you have physical or digital gift cards, there are several simple ways to quickly check the remaining balance without having to look through receipts, emails, or text messages.

Check Gift Card Balances

Use Your Retailer’s App

Many retailers now have their own app that allows you to easily access your gift card information. If they do, simply log in to the app and look for an option to view or check your gift card balance quickly. Some apps even let you add multiple gift cards so you can keep track of them all in one place.

Visit the Retailer’s Website

If the retailer has a website, try going to it and look for an option to check your gift card balance. This may involve signing in or entering the card information. Once you do, the website will usually show you information like your current balance, transactions made with the card, and expiration date. This is useful if you want to keep track of all your gift cards in one place.

Call the Retailer Directly

If the store has a customer service line, you can use it to inquire about the balance of your gift card. Make sure you enter the correct information when prompted and have your card details ready. This can be a quick way of checking gift card balances and doesn’t require any special preparation.

Yes, many stores and businesses accept gift cards in exchange for cash. The amount of cash you will receive will depend on the store and the specific terms of the gift card.

Cash4GiftCards America offers balance checks for gift cards; however, they do offer the opportunity to sell them for cash. You can check the balance of your gift card directly with the merchant or on the merchant’s website.