May 7, 2020 | By Admin

Flipping Gift Cards: What People Who Make Side-Income This Way Want You to Know

sell back gift cards for cash

With more people looking for extra sources of income now, among many “part-time work”, flipping gift cards have grown to be quite popular. And one can see why: it’s simple and quite straightforward. You don’t particularly need any training or a specific skill. Moreover, with the entry of many cash for gift cards online platforms, it has gotten even simpler.

However, that said, there’s still a host of things you should be careful of – in particular, if you’re really serious about making more money through this avenue.

What better way to learn the game and optimize your returns than to hear from those who already ace it?!

Here are 3 things people who profitably flip gift cards want you to know:

1. Where you sell gift cards online matters

Different platforms have different guidelines and policies. They offer different value for the same gift cards.

So, foremost, you want to find a platform that provides good value in the exchange.

Not just that… Aside from the cash for gift cards online they are offering, you also want to focus on other factors. Like, how quickly are they transferring the money, what is their mode of payment, cards of which store do they accept, and so forth.

In short, be very sure and confident of the platform where you sell gift cards for cash.

2. You want more quantity

Just selling one or a few cards won’t do it for you.

If you’re looking for a good side-income, you need to sell more. So, quantity matters!

Focus just as much on the number of cards you’re flipping as the value you’re getting for them.

Focus equally on acquiring more gift cards as you do on selling them.

3. It requires a lot of hard work

It’s not easy!

You have to research to find the best and reliable platforms to sell gift cards online instantly.

You have to find people who are selling their gift cards. You have to engage with them. You will have to negotiate the price down of the gift cards.

There are a few more things to handle.

And you have to do them consistently to build the scale of your profits.

So, from the go, you must be ready to commit enough time into this game.


These are three things people who profitably flip gift cards want you to know.

So, again, it’s simple… You can sell gift cards for cash instantly. However, it’s far from easy. There are different factors and nuances you must heed to optimize your returns. You must put in the time and effort.

After all, you can get cash for one gift card any day. But if you want to make sufficient side-income out of it, you must work hard for that.