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Cash For Gift Cards Online
Enter your gift card(s)

We accept physical and electronic gift cards for hundreds of popular brands.

Get your payout

Enter the balance on your card for an instant payout offer. Or choose the payout you want.

Get Verified and Get your Cash!

Once you and your gift card(s) are verified we will process and send you your cash!

‘Cash 4 Gift Cards America’ is one of the best places that buy gift cards for cash. So, if you’re looking to sell gift cards online instantly, we’re a name you can trust. On the back of a well-defined system and superior quality services, we assure you of an excellent experience.

So, no more endlessly waiting for the money to land in your account; no more going through the long, tedious and unnecessary steps. Hand-in-hand with ‘Cash 4 Gift Cards America’, sell gift cards and have the money in less than an hour.

“I have sold and exchanged my gift cards at many resellers. ‘Cash 4 Gift Cards America’ definitely stands out the crowd. They accept gift cards from nearly every store. Also, their process is really very quick, which is quite a refresher from the dull service I got from other resellers. ” – Macy Penn

Macy is just one of the thousands of people who trust ‘Cash 4 Gift Cards America’. Try our solution and sell gift cards for cash instantly – you’ll become one of them. We have kept the process exceptionally simpler so you don’t have to go through the unnecessary hassle.

How to Sell Gift Cards for Cash?

We follow the KISS principle – Keeping It Simple, Silly. It’s a three-step process:

  1. Enter your gift cards– Find the store whose gift card you have. We accept gift cards from over 650 stores in the USA. Then enter the balance on your card and accept the instant payout offer.
  2. Get verified– To prevent any fraud, we will have to verify your details before processing your order. We need you to upload your gift card and a valid state-issued ID.
  3. Get your money– Once your details are verified, we will transfer you the money through the payment option that you prefer. This usually takes less than 60 minutes.

Simple, isn’t it?

This is what makes ‘Cash 4 Gift Cards America’ one of the best places that buy gift cards for cash.

While we don’t have any unnecessary caveats, there are a few things you should certainly know and do. For once, we only accept gift cards with a balance $20 or more. In order to verify your information, we require you to upload your valid photo ID. We also encourage people to read our Terms of Service. And then, yes, if you have any questions, we want you to contact us and find the answers directly.

Now, don’t have gift cards lay around in your home. Sell them and get cash. It’s easy, quick and convenient.