July 3, 2020 | By Admin

How to Get Free Gift Cards?

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There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch.

This fits well if you’re wondering “how to get free gift cards”.

You get these vouchers when you purchase something. It won’t be free! You’ll have to pay.

However, that said, doesn’t mean it’s impossible. There are ways how you can score free gift cards. Not that they are reliable or assure you of the desired outcome, they are worth trying.

If you’re looking for free gift cards, here are four ways how you can get them:

1. Talk to your friends, family members

There are people who do not redeem their vouchers; they let them expire.

Your friends, family members, and relatives might be one of these “people”. So, give them a quick call or send them a text.

Tell them that you’re collecting gift cards and that if they have these vouchers, can they be nice and give them to you.

This is the simplest and non-hassling way to get gift cards for free.

2. Ask for it as your gift

Giving gifts is a pain. “What should I give him” – it never has a straightforward answer.

You should make it easier for your friends and family members.

For your birthday, anniversaries, or any other celebratory occasion – let them know that you want gift cards as present.

Trust us: it’s not bad etiquette asking for any particular gift. You’re helping them save time from figuring out what to gift you.

3. Complete online tasks

There are online websites that pay you for doing online tasks. Many of them pay in gift cards.

These tasks are very small and easy. So, you’re basically getting “free” gift cards in the end.

Tasks include signing up to a service, subscribing to YouTube channel, leaving 5-star reviews, and more. The more tasks you complete, the more points you win. You can then eventually convert these point to gift cards. This is the basic model of these websites.

Now, here’s a thing: These websites aren’t always reliable. There are only a very few of them who pay. And the pay is very small. So, while the tasks are basic and easy, you’ll have to spare a couple of hours every week.

Many people get free gift cards this way. You can too.

Just do your research thoroughly and be very certain that the website actually pays without any caveats.

4. Get into the game of flipping

This isn’t a way to get “free” gift cards. But it certainly is a way that can leave you with profits.

The process is simple: You buy gift cards at a low price and sell them at a (good) gift card marketplace at a higher price.

You’re left with a profit.

Do this multiple times – do this in higher quality – and you can make significant side income.

More people are flipping gift cards now. You can give it a try.

Again, this is not a way to get “free” gift cards. You will have to invest to purchase these vouchers. But good returns make this a great option. You’re earning a profit in the transaction – this makes it just as good as ‘free’.

Sell Gift Cards

The gift cards you managed to collect in the first three ways, what are you going to do with them?

You can, of course, redeem them. Or better, you can sell them for cash.

Find a reputed gift card sale online that’s offering good value for your card. Sell them and earn cash for free.