January 10, 2021 | By Admin

How to Get Maximum Cash When You Sell Gift Cards Online?

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Selling partly used gift cards online can be one of the best ways to make some good income. There are various websites out there online where you can flip gift cards with ease to get some cash. After all, there is no point to have some unwanted and partly used cards lying with you when you can actually get something from the same. Here are some tips that you can follow in order to get most amount of cash when you sell gift cards online instantly.

Check the Price Guarantee

This is one of the things that you need to look for. Websites of repute would offer guarantee on the stated price of the gift cards that people want to buy. Walk away from a site that does not offer the same.

Look for Free Shipping

Keep in mind that shipping costs can add to the total price when people buy gift cards that you intend to sell. That means you will have less number of buyers on such websites wanting to purchase the cards that you have on offer. With the expenses of mailing an envelope rising, you would like to benefit from those websites that offer free shipping of cards. Sites that offer to ship gift cards to buyers free of cost are better to contact, and use, in order to sell and get cash for gift cards.

Check how you can get paid

A lot of card exchange websites offer payment to sellers in many ways, such as PayPal, Check and even

Amazon Gift Card or Facebook Credits or more. Make it clear whether you will incur some fee with the payment option that you choose. PayPal, for instance, charges sellers when they get a payment. Thus, you need to be aware of such extra fees.

Subscribe to their email list

Register for email notification of the website that you sell your cards in. When the websites require some cards, you can get knowledge of the same. If you have them, you can offer them on sale and have them sold out instantly – thus making some fast cash in the process.