September 11, 2020 | By Admin

How to Get More Cash for Gift Cards?

save on gift cards

It is simple arbitrage, is it not?

Buy US online gift cards from one market, sell them at another. In between the purchase and selling price, you cut a profit.

More people are now opting for gift card flipping to earn some side income.

That said, while the framework is simple, the process in itself isn’t. If you’re looking to make a good profit and a sustainable income, it demands efforts and a smart approach.

To help you with that…

Here are four tips on how to get more cash for gift cards:

  1. Think and purchase– Don’t purchase the first cards you discover online. You will find different platforms selling the same gift cards at different prices. So, you want to take your time in doing proper research; think and then purchase. Have a fair idea of how much this card would sell at and what could be your possible profit.
  2. Buy the right cards– Not all gift cards for every store has the same value or demand. Some are more demanded than others. Those that are more in demand, they sell at a higher price. (Of course, they also come at a high price.) But in between, you will find good opportunities to make a good income. So, buy gift cards that are popular and high in demand.
  3. Sell in bulk– Selling one gift card won’t bring you high returns. There are several buyers of US online gift cards that buy in bulk and offer a better sum in return. So, take your time to collect enough numbers of cards before rushing to sell.
  4. Research the buyers– This goes without saying… Before you sell your gift cards to anyone, you want to do adequate research on the buyer. Gauge their market reputation around how well they pay. There are many buyers now that offer cash for gift cards. Pick one that’s providing you with a good deal for your bulk cards.

These are four simple tips on how to get more cash for gift cards.

Remember, flipping gift cards isn’t an end goal. Maximizing the returns is!

So, think things through to ensure you’re making the maximum profit.