September 3, 2020 | By Admin

How to Make Some Extra Money Before Thanksgiving Arrive?

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Just like that, a large part of the year is gone.

And just like that Thanksgiving 2020 will be “tomorrow”.

The time might not have felt like it flew by thanks to the pandemic, it sure has passed quickly. And there’s a trail of economic damages.

In that, if you’re looking to make some extra money before the festive season knocks, fortunately, ways and opportunities are still lined up here.

Here are three very simple ways to make some side-income before thanksgiving 2020 arrives:

1. Become a part-time consultant

If you have any skill that others would pay for, becoming a consultant can be a great idea.

So, what are you good at?

Go on to social media and reach out to the right people. Change your bio. Create a website even.

Let people know you’re offering consultancy service. Provide them more details into how you can help them and their business.

2. Start freelancing

If you have a white-collar job, freelancing is a great option to make money online.

There are many popular freelancing platforms out there that can help you find clients and projects.

So, if you’re good at writing, designing, developing, social media, working out, or anything else – you can freelancing in different capacities.

3. Flip gift cards

Flipping gift cards is common now.

There are good opportunities here to make decent side-income.

The process is quite simple: buy eGift cards online at a low price, sell them at a higher price, and get cash for gift cards.

Of course, to optimize the returns, some research and addition work are required. We have covered this topic in separate posts. Check out:


These are three very simple ways to make some money before Thanksgiving arrives.

Of course, there are plenty more ways to unlock a decent side-income.

In any of the ways, the key is to get up, work, and make it happen. So, put in the efforts and see good outcome follow.