How to Make Some Money During Self-Quarantine?

How to Make Some Money During Self-Quarantine?

While we’re all battling this pandemic by staying indoors, wouldn’t it be nice if we can make some money during this time?

After all, your self-quarantine doesn’t have to be so boring – and without income!

There are ways how you can make money while at home in self-quarantine. And these “ways” aren’t as difficult or tedious as you would assume. Just a couple of hours a day is adequate.

Here are three ways how you can make some money during your at-home self-quarantine:

1. Sell affiliate products: Hundreds of thousands of people around the world make a full-time income through affiliate marketing. And they aren’t complaining about this lockdown. You can join them too. For the starters, go slow. Pick a few affiliate products in the niche that you like (preferably SaaS products) and sell them online. You can make a lot of money in commission.

2. Write blog posts: Produce content – either for yourself or others. Create a blog and start writing there. There are countless ways to make money from your blog. All you’ve got to do is attract visitors and build an audience. If that doesn’t sound too fun, you can even write for others. Freelance writing is very viable. There are many companies that are always looking for writers (you don’t have to be a professional writer by the way). And they are ready to pay high for quality content.

3. Sell gift cards: This is the simplest of the three. Sell gift cards online for instant cash. You have them lying around at your home unredeemed already; why not get money for that. Google “gift card exchange near me” and sell the cards right away. Furthermore, you can even start flipping gift cards. Buy at the lowest price and sell high; cut a significant profit. We published an entire post on this. Check out Flipping Gift Cards: A Simple (And Kickass) Guide.


These are three very simple ways how you can make some money during your at-home self-quarantine.

So, while you’ve been looking for ways to keep yourself busy, you might as well use this time to earn some income.

These are difficult times. However, it’s also a great opportunity to learn, improve ourselves, acquire new skills and make some money while trapped inside the home.

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