February 14, 2020 | By Admin

How To Sell Gifts Cards Online For Cash: 3 Essential Tips

how to sell gifts cards online for cash

You can’t really tell them you want cash; that would be rude, wouldn’t it? So, you reluctantly settle for gift cards with a forced smile and an unaffectionate “thank you”.

Good thing now we have a handful of reliable solution providers, enabling people to sell gift cards online for cash. So, if you would rather want some money as a gift, you don’t have to snicker at the vouchers. You now have a simple solution for that.

But then selling gift cards online, although quite straightforward, has some caveats. So, before you rush to Google “cash for gift cards near me”, here are three tips to help you with it:

1. Don’t Settle For Less

You won’t get the entire face value of that gift card.

A lot depends on which store the card is of. For instance, if it’s of Walmart and Target, whose stores are everywhere, you will likely get a good value. However, if it’s from Sears, the return could be slightly low.

But, in any case, you don’t have to settle for very little money.

Look around and opt for a good reseller that’s offering you an adequate deal on redeeming your gift card.

2. Make Sure It Safe And Reliable

This niche is booming. You now have many resellers in the market that are promising big. Not all of them can be trusted.

So, do not blindly sell gift cards to any reseller you come across.

Generally put, if a deal sounds too good to be true, you want to avoid it.

Factor the reputation and overall track record of that company. If you have any questions, contact them from the front and talk. Don’t go for anyone that looks fishy or untrustworthy.

3. You Don’t Have To Wait For Long

Many good resellers have upped their game. They now offer redeemed amount in as less as an hour.

So, avoid any reseller that has a big waiting time. Go through their steps and be very clear about the time they would take to give you the cash. If they don’t assure you quick cash for your gift cards, they are likely not the right fit for you.

Keep looking for someone better.


These are three essential tips you should follow when selling your gift cards.

Yes, it’s simpler than ever. But there’s still room to commit basic mistakes and end up with a poor deal in return for your cards.

So, do thorough research and be smart in whichever reseller you pick.