May 27, 2020 | By Admin

Need Some Extra Money? 5 Things You Can Sell Online

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Online selling is now no more a hassle. In fact, in just a matter of minutes, you can start selling anything and everything – be it on your own online storefront OR on some other platforms to direct buyers.

The question is: what to sell?

And that’s the question, looking to make some extra $$$, many people are wondering in the ongoing economic crisis. If you’re one of them, here are 5 things you can sell online easily and make sufficient side-income:

1. Old mugs – Many people actually love collecting mugs; especially the old-school, antique mugs that have stories attached to them. If you can find vintage mugs, it would big sell. In fact, you can sell them at a much higher price.

2. Sports cards – Sports cards have become popular again. Rookie cards of some of the top basketball and football athletes are selling at unimaginable prices at present. So, if you know a thing or two about sports, you should definitely jump into buying, selling, and flipping sports cards. Looking at the current trends, it’s only going to get popular in the coming months.

3. Gift cards – More people are buying and selling gift cards… And so should you. If done at scale, it’s surprisingly rewarding financially. Moreover, there now exist a few good online platforms where you can sell gift cards for money easily. We have covered this topic extensively in different posts. Please give the following articles a quick read:

4. Soft toys – Try this thing… Go to eBay and see how much old soft toys are being sold at. You’ll be surprised by the price tags. Procure soft toys at a low cost. Buy them from the wholesale market; buy them in garage sailing. Sell them online at a higher price.

5. Sneakers – Flipping sneakers is a popular way to make money for many people now. The sneaker culture, after all, is rife. Tap on this trend and buy-sell sneakers yourself. Get good quality sneakers, preferably limited edition and of renowned brands, at low-cost and list them on online marketplaces. If needed, run ads against them to reach out to a more targeted audience. You can cut high-profit margins in selling sneakers.


Of course, there are plenty more products you can sell online. The above-mentioned five, however, are easier to find and sell. You might have some of them in your own house. You can source or purchase them from your friends and family members. Plus, even if you’re purchasing them from a third-party, you wouldn’t need a lot of capital.

The key here is starting small, getting a taste of how it all works, and then scaling accordingly in a way that suits your interest and preference.

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