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Sell gift cards immediately and get your money in your account in less than an hour, we made the process simple and as quick as possible.

‘Cash 4 Gift Cards America’ is committed to deliver you the fastest cash for your gift card(s) and we assure your transactions are protected and safe!

To keep you (and ourselves) safe from fraud, we have stages in place. You’re required to submit your ID (could be a driver’s license or any valid state-issued ID), this is done to keep our transaction process secure and efficient. We are quick and efficient and by speeding up this verification process you will get your money in less than an hour.

  1. Search and Accept your Payout: Search for the gift cards you have. We accepts gift cards from over 650 popular stores. Enter the balance on your card and accept the cash amount offered.
  2. Upload your ID: For verification purpose, we require you to upload your gift cards, as well as a valid ID. It could be your driver’s license or any state-issued ID.
  3. Get Your Cash: We will go over your submitted ID. Once verified, we will send you your money in your account in less than an hour. We have various payment methods available from PayPal to Zelle to CashApp and more.


  • When trying to exchange gift cards for cash online, keep your driver’s license or valid state-issued ID with you.
  • We verify your information to safeguard you (and us) from any fraud.
  • We accept gift cards with a minimum balance of $25.
  • Depending on your selected payment gateway, there could be temporary delays in the transfer of money. We have a track record of paying out money in less than an hour.

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‘Cash 4 Gift Cards America’ has made getting cash for gift cards online easier and quicker. We pay out faster than anyone online!

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