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Sell Gift Cards for Cash Online

Don’t throw away that gift card somewhere in the corner of your room. Turn it into money – and use that money to buy something that you actually want. At ‘Cash 4 Gift Cards America’, you can sell gift cards for cash instantly.

We have made the process as simple, convenient and quick as possible. Sell gift cards immediately and get your money in your account in less than an hour. Re-read that!

Since inception, ‘Cash 4 Gift Cards America’ has committed to deliver people the finest experience. We assure you of high convenience and maximum security.

To keep you (and ourselves) safe from fraud, we have a verification stage in place. You are required to submit your ID (could be a driver’s license or any valid state-issued ID). This is done entirely to keep our transaction process secure and efficient. Oh, don’t worry about it taking a lot of time. Our trained team is quick and efficient, speeding up this verification process. You will get your money in less than an hour.

So, sell gift cards for cash instantly. Take the hands of ‘Cash 4 Gift Cards America’. We accept gift cards of over 650 stores in the USA.

How to Sell Gift Cards Fast?

  1. Have your gift card with you? Great! Now search for the store whose card you have. As mentioned, we accept gift cards from over 650 popular stores.
  2. Enter your gift card balance and then accept the cash amount offer.
  3. Upload your gift cards and a valid ID. We will verify your information before processing the order. This verification is done to keep instances of fraud at bay. You can submit your driver’s license or any valid state-issued ID. (If you have any questions regarding this, please contact us.)
  4. Our team will verify your information. We’re very quick!
  5. You will have the cash in your account in less than an hour. We have many payment options – from PayPal to Apple Pay to Google Pay. Pick whichever option that suits you.


While you can easily sell gift cards for cash online at ‘Cash 4 Gift Cards America’, there are a few things you must note before moving forward.

  • We don’t accept gift cards with a balance of less than $20.
  • Keep your valid photo ID with you when you’re trying to sell gift cards fast
  • Due to problems with your selected payment gateway, there could be temporary delays in the transfer of money. That said, we have an unparalleled track record of transferring money in less than an hour.
  • Please read our Terms of Services.

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Exchange Gift Cards For Cash Online

On the back of our superior quality service, ‘Cash 4 Gift Cards America’ now enjoys an indomitable market position. Thousands of people already trust us – and so can you. Hand-in-hand with us, sell gift cards for cash instantly with no worries about safety and delays. We have a great team and system in place that promises you of a remarkable experience.

So, stop thinking and sell gift cards for cash. We accept cards from 650 stores in the USA. We assure to have you your money in less than 60 minutes. Search for the store whose gift card you have.