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Sell Gift Cards For Cash: 5 Key Questions To Ask

sell gift cards for cash

There are now many solution providers offering to exchange gift cards for cash online. However, before you run to them to redeem your card, you must certainly consider a few things to ensure you’re on the safer side. And by “safer side” we mean that you’re not being cheated and are getting a sufficient amount.

In that context, there are a few essential questions you must ask yourself before taking any step forward. Here are five of them:

1. Do I Really Want To Sell This Gift Card?

Okay, this is quite a rhetorical question – but it’s worth asking yourself.

Someone gave you this gift card, assumingly with good intent and wishes. Do you really want to sell it for cash?


Still yes?

Cool!! Move on to the next question…

2. Am I Getting Sufficient Cash?

Different resellers would offer you different discounted amounts for the same gift card. Of course, you want the highest. This requires you to do some research and approach individual resellers to know about their deals and models.

Don’t settle for “very” less amount than the face value of your card.

3. Is The Reseller Trustworthy?

There are many resellers who would offer your deals that would sound too good to be true. And this is where the talk about “trust” comes in.

Can you trust their deals? Can you trust that reseller? Are you sure you’re not being tricked?

You must think seriously about this aspect.

4. Is The Process Too Complex?

Are you being asked to fill in a long form? Are you being asked for too many details?

The process to redeem your gift cards for cash doesn’t have to be such a tedious task. After all, this isn’t the last time you would be selling your gift card, would you?

The process must be convenient.

Pick a reseller that has a short and simple process.

5. How Long Should I Wait?

A few years back, it would take anywhere between a few hours to a day to verify and process your request. But this shouldn’t be the case now.

Today, you can find a handful of resellers who are very quick in the process and will have you your money in as less as an hour.

So, especially when you need that cash on an urgent basis, you want to find a reseller that redeems your gift cards quickly.

In short, look around and find someone who would buy your gift cards and provide you the money in an hour or so.


These are five key questions you must ask before you sell gift cards for cash.

As mentioned already, courtesy of the top resellers, the process is now easier than ever. However, it still demands you to follow the basic principles and be smart so as to steer clear of the possible mistakes and frauds – and to get the best deals in exchange for your gift cards.

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