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Step-By-Step Guide to Sell Gift Cards for Immediate Payment

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Step-By-Step Guide to Sell Gift Cards for Immediate Payment

Planning to sell gift cards for instant payment?

If so, then you are not alone as many users of gift cards are in the same process of selling gift cards. The process of selling gift cards for cash is not difficult for those who have done this multiple times. But the task is not that easy for those who are new to the use of these cards in America. At present more than 600 varieties of gift cards are available in the USA market that have been launched by prominent businesses.

Here is a step-by-step process to sell unused cards. If you are planning to sell gift cards for cash, then this post is sure to help you a lot!

Step #1: Check the validity of the gift cards at the very beginning. You must check if the cards have crossed the date of validity or not. The cards expire if they cross the date of validity and after that, they remain of no use.

Step #2: After checking the validity, you must check if the cards have the minimum balance available on them or not. As per the standing norms, the cards must have a balance of $25 on them. Both Step #1 and Step #2 are necessary as no buyers show any interest in buying the cards if they fail to meet any of those steps.

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Step #3: In this step, you can start finding a reliable buyer that has a good reputation among the sellers of gift cards. Usually, a large number of buyers of gift cards are available in the market who promise to be your preferred destination if you want to get paid cash for cards you want to sell. You must check and cross-check if the company has a consistent record of paying the customers in cash and closing the deals confidently.

Step #4: You need to fill up the online form with all the necessary information. Apart from your personal information, you would be required to provide authentic information about the cards along with the information of your bank account. Usually, the buyers of cards use all the information to process your sale request and pay the price in the end. They pay the price either in cash or deposit the amount in the account.

Step #5: You must keep the cards with you till you get paid for the cards. However, you would be required to hand them over the cards after you receive the payment.

So, you see that the process to sell gift cards instant payment is not difficult. You can follow these steps confidently and get paid in cash for the cards you sell.