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Top 10 Best Gift Cards in the USA (You Can Sell to Earn Big)

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For people who are in flipping gift cards, knowing which gift cards are more in demand and which ones have low market value is essential for efficient decision-making.

In that context, this report by personal finance site WalletHub that lists top gift cards in the USA is very handy…

According to the site, these are the top 10 best gift cards USA:

  1. Amazon gift card
  2. Visa gift card
  3. Walmart gift card
  4. Target gift card
  5. iTunes gift card
  6. Starbucks gift card
  7. American Express gift card
  8. Disney gift card
  9. eBay gift card
  10. Sephora gift card

The list continues…

  1. Google Play gift card
  2. Costco gift card
  3. Home Depot gift card
  4. Chick-Fil-A gift card
  5. Netflix gift card
  6. Best Buy gift card
  7. Macy’s gift card
  8. Gamestop gift card
  9. MasterCard gift card
  10. McDonald’s gift card

These gift cards are based on 5 major categories:

  • Their popularity
  • Discount you can buy them at
  • Their selling price
  • The retailers’ likeability
  • Shipping fees

The third category is important here. It means the first one in this list will deliver you much more value upon selling vs. the one at #20.

So, clearly Amazon, Visa and Walmart gift cards are more valuable and a favorite to people who buy and sell gift cards.

But that said, it doesn’t mean you should ignore the other names on this list, as well as gift cards from any other retailers. Remember, the cards that sell at high value are also difficult and costly to acquire. So, unless you’ve got them from anywhere and you haven’t purchased them, the profit might not necessarily be high.

If you’re trying to maximize your returns, you need to do more than just static calculations. Having a better market understanding and insights will help you get more cash for gift cards.

We have covered how you can increase your returns from flipping gift cards in separate posts. Please check out:

In any case, the mentioned ones… these are the top 10 best gift cards USA.

Expectedly, Amazon gift cards are the most popular and valuable.