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Turn Unused Gift Vouchers Into Instant Cash

Turn Unused Gift Vouchers Into Instant Cash

Turn Unused Gift Vouchers Into Instant Cash

According to some studies, people would rather receive a gift card than cash. Convert your unused gift vouchers into instant cash. Here’s just a few of them:

  • 75% of USA consumers chose a prepaid card when given a choice between a 50 dollar prepaid card and 50 dollar cash
  • 82% of employees said they would like to receive rewards from their employers in the form of gift cards.
  • It’s no surprise therefore that 81% of companies in the USA offer employees non-cash rewards and recognition. 

Cash4GiftRdsAmerica is another excellent option for converting unused gift vouchers into instant cash. 

Sell Unused Gift Vouchers Into Instant Cash

It’s known to everyone that 77% of employees work harder if they feel recognized, so understanding what type of rewards employees want, can make a huge difference to performance and productivity. The benefits of selling gift cards for cash instantly near me are many. In comparison, gift vouchers win out in the end, as they bring a whole bundle of benefits that cash can’t offer. The benefits of Cash for Gift Cards America is as follows.

They’re Memorable

Because gift cards are typically retailer-specific or multi-brand, recipients are more likely to use them for unexpected treats. As a result, gift vouchers offer a more memorable experience than cash, and the item (or experience) of your choice acts as a permanent trophy for your achievement.

They Can Be Personalized

While cash is an impersonal transaction, gift card giving and receiving can be personalized to the person by adding a company logo, the person’s name, or even a short message. Clarify and help the recipient remember who sent it.

You Are Free From Guilt

Gift cards provide a guilt-free way for the recipient when gifting a gift card instead of cash. With cash, people feel obligated to “do the right thing” and can apply it to existing debts and bills. But 76% of employees love gift vouchers because they can choose what they want, and they are seen as a guilt-free reward. Other hand, they also can get cash for gift cards.

They Are Spoken

Cash is less talked about, but the opposite is true when it comes to gift cards. Why is this important for businesses? They want their employees to discuss their compensation with others. This is to encourage other employees to strive to achieve their own employee recognition. Merchandise purchased with a gift card also serves as a visual reminder of an employee’s achievements.

They Inspire Positivity

An added benefit of memorable, guilt-free, and widely discussed gift cards is that they help evoke positive feelings about the company. Gift cards are also more effective at motivating employees than cash, with 29% of recipients liking gift cards. They are employee rewards that keep coming!

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