July 20, 2021 | By Admin

Unwanted Gift Card Activities: Easy Guide

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The longer you have a gift card, the more likely you are to squander it by losing it, forgetting you have it or allowing the card’s value to diminish due to non-use. Although we’ve heard advice like “use your gift cards within three months” and “a gift card older than two months will never be utilized,” we believe you should evaluate a gift card’s worth right away.

Don’t throw away the gift card. If you know you’re not going to utilize a gift card in the coming few weeks or months, put it to good use right away. Here are some ideas for what you can do with the gift cards you can’t (or won’t) use:

Gift cards that are no longer needed can be redeemed for cash

The most straightforward approach to convert a gift card into cash is to sell it to a gift card exchange website. The amount you receive when you sell gift cards electronically will vary depending on the demand of the gift card and the amount of inventory currently in store, but it might range from 70-92 percent of the gift card’s value.

Although you might uncover a gift card buyer on social media or via online classified advertising, legitimate gift card resellers are far safer to use since they provide money-back guarantees, fraud protection, and secure ways to receive cashback for your gift cards. In addition, customer care specialists are on hand to answer inquiries and aid if anything goes wrong with the transaction.

Donate any unused gift cards

Fundraising committees for schools, churches, organizations, and charities are constantly in need of gift cards that may be used to purchase supplies, auctioned off at fundraisers, or given away as prizes. If the gift card you don’t want is raffled off individually or as part of a gift basket, it may raise hundreds of dollars for a good cause. Donations of gift cards to non-profit organizations could also be tax-deductible.

Gift undesired gift cards to others

If you have an undesired gift card in good physical condition and has a total monetary amount remaining on it, consider donating it to someone else. If the gift card appears to have been in your wallet for a few months or the gift card balance is an odd amount, check if you can take it to the retailer and exchange it for a more giftable gift card.

In the end, it is advisable that you find a site where people are willing to make gift cards purchase.