August 25, 2020 | By Admin

What’s the Best Way to Sell a Gift Card (And Make Big Profit)?

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If you’re simply looking to get rid of a gift card, there’s no right or wrong way to sell it. Ask your friends or relatives if they want it. Google “sell gift cards near me for cash” and you will find some websites where you can sell.

But then if you’re looking to sell gift cards with the intent for higher returns, there certainly are a few things you must consider to strike a perfect deal.

Flipping gift cards is now very popular for those who want some extra cash from an additional source. It has its own how’s and what’s that the first-timers should heed to so as to ensure convincing profit. For instance, you don’t want to cling on to the first offer for your gift cards that make your way. You want to shop around to see which website is offering you the highest value in return.

So, to really enjoy the good and consistent profit, you need to get informed and aware of this market; like, gift cards from which store holds the highest value, what kind of offers you can avail if you’re selling in bulk, what’s the standard selling price of the gift cards you have, and so forth.

Now that established, there isn’t necessarily any best way per se to sell a gift card. There are no definite rules to that. The 100th gift card you sell would generally bring you higher profit as opposed to the first one because you had the experience of selling 99 gift cards prior to that.

So, beyond the theories, you need to start selling gift cards. Don’t overthink it. As long as you’re not sustaining losses, you’re good to go in the early transactions. Market exposure will help address the concerns you might have, answer all your questions, and unlock you plenty of market insights.

But to get you started, here are a few steps to a smart way of selling gift cards:

1. Do some online research. Go through the threads on forums. Check out social media. Find out people who are flipping gift cards. Listen to their experience and hot takes.

2. Discover a few websites that buy gift cards online. Compare them. See which one of them offers the best value. Also, compare the features and perks they offer.

3. Buy gift cards that are popular and more in demand – and not the obscure ones. You would be able to sell them easily and get good returns.

4. Sell gift cards in bulk vs. selling one every time. For once, you will evidently make good returns. Two, you will save in transaction fees that the payment gateway may charge you. Third, many good websites offer an even better offer if you’re selling in bulk.

5. Get your expectations right. Even the best way to sell gift card, if one exists, won’t make you rich. You won’t make a fortune. The returns are sufficient for a side income with relatively less work – and not to make you rich. Besides, in the end, the equation is quite simple: the more you sell, the more opportunities will you have to make a higher aggregate profit.

These are some basic steps to start selling your gift cards.

Don’t overcomplicate things. Start selling, keep on learning, and keep on improving.