June 16, 2020 | By Admin

What’s The Fastest Way to Get Cash for Gift Cards?

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Yes, you would rather sell gift cards instantly, get your money quickly, and move along to the next task.

But in that – in your chase to get it done fast – it’s essential to not commit some basic blunders.

After all, while it’s not complex, there’s still room to make mistakes, which could end you up with a poor deal. So, instead of just Googling “sell gift cards for cash near me” and blindly going with the first name that pops, you need to do much more.

Before addressing “what’s the fastest way to get cash for gift cards”…

Here are four things you need to keep in mind throughout this selling process.

  1. Look out for scams. In recent times, a lot of people are choosing to get cash for cards instead of redeeming these vouchers. Owing to the popularity, many fake and fraudulent platforms have emerged on the scene who would take your gift card number and never pay you. You don’t want to end up with them. So, stay vigilant.

  2. Do not settle for a smaller amount. Sure, you won’t get the exact face value of the gift card. But you should strive to get the maximum value. The margin on selling gift cards is small as it is. So, you want to crack a good deal that makes your effort worth it.

  3. Consider flipping gift cards. More people are doing it now. When you sell gift cards online in a large quantity instead of just one, you can expect a higher return, which could be adequate as your side income. We have covered this topic in detail in another post.

    Please give this a quick read: Flipping Gift Cards: A Simple (And Kickass) Guide.

  4. Don’t overlook the payout options. Many websites where you can sell gift cards for cash, they don’t offer multiple payout options; they don’t support too many channels. They might pay you through a payment gateway that might charge high fees. This can really hurt your profit margin.

Now coming to the original question: “what’s the fastest way to get cash for gift cards?”

The fastest way is to simply ask people around you whether they are interested in buying gift cards or not. If they are, they would pay you instantly. Super-fast!

However, it’s unlikely you’re going to find buyers this way.

Similarly, posting about this on your social media won’t return with buyers either. The chances are slim.

The best and fastest way to sell gift cards is to find a good website… A website with an outlined system and advanced infrastructure that makes prompt verification and payment.

This requires you to do some research work to find such a website.

Take your time.

Factor their market-wide reputation and process. Do they accept gift cards from the store that you have? What payment options do they have? How much is their payout offer? And, of course, most importantly, how quickly do they transfer the money?

A good website that offers cash for gift cards would usually send you your money within an hour. Anything more than that is undesirable, and you’re better off finding another website.

So, simply put…

What’s the fastest way to get cash for gift cards?

Find a good and reputed website and make sure they have a quick verification and payment process. This is the fastest way to get cash for gift cards.