Which Gift Cards Should You Buy and Sell for Profit?

Which Gift Cards Should You Buy and Sell for Profit?

Hundreds of popular outlets offer their own gift cards. Of course, you can buy and sell any gift card to make a profit. But then profit alone isn’t the objective. “Maximum profit” is! And in that context, not all gift cards will leave you with the same rewards. You have to be selective about which gift cards are in more demand, which ones have the highest value, which sells poorly, and so forth. It’s not easy – particularly if you don’t have enough experience and expertise in arbitrage. For instance, it isn’t just about buying at a low price and selling at high. You also must factor the transaction charges and other possible fees. This can significantly undercut your profit – even lead to losses – in this segment where margins are small. So, you have to be aware of the different calculations.

Here’s another example of the challenge you might face when flipping gift cards for profit. Amazon gift card is the best and most in-demand voucher based on factors like popularity, selling price, discount you can buy them at, retailer’s likeability, and more. So, it makes sense to buy this one, doesn’t it? But when something is more in demand and has higher sales value, its purchasing price would remain just as high. Meaning, while you’re certainly doing a bigger transaction, the profit margin might remain less – to a point that you may have made this profit when transacting less-demanded gift cards.

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Coming to the topic of this article “which gift cards should you buy and sell for profit” – it’s not a simple question to answer. Moreover, since it depends on so many variables, the answer varies for different people. If you’re buying or selling a gift card from/to a third-party, the amount you will pay or receive might be different from what others pay or receive. A lot depends on whom you’re buying from or selling to – and also on your sales or negotiation skills. If you’re good at negotiating, you can strike a better deal, scoring a higher profit margin. So, it all depends on you; the research you do, the profit you’re expecting, where you’re selling and buying, how much you’re paying in extra charges, what’s working in your local market, what kind of cards you can actually acquire, and so forth.

This falls in line with what we’ve maintained all along: If you want to flip gift cards and make profit – which is very viable and a lot of people enjoy good returns – your own research would matter the most. If you don’t do your homework properly, you will not discover better gift cards for sale, you will get less cash for gift cards, and your profit would remain relatively low. So, if you’re wondering which gift cards should you buy and sell for profit – there are many great options. But which one would maximize your profit and which ones will leave you will less profit – it depends on your research.

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